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44th Federal Immission Control Regulation

On 20.06.2019, the new 44th Federal Immission Control Regulation (44. BImSchV) came into force. The 44th BImSchV is the national implementation of the European MCP Directive. It applies, among other things, to gas turbines and internal combustion engine plants with a medium-sized rated thermal input of 1 to 50 megawatts, even if they do not require a permit. The 44th BImSchV distinguishes between new plants (effective date Dec. 20, 2018) and existing plants. The 44th BImSchV provides new requirements regarding emission limits and the monitoring of your plant. In addition to shorter measurement intervals, there are new obligations regarding documentation and evidence. Thus, from now on, continuous monitoring of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions is required for gas engine plants based on the lean-burn gas principle. For combustion engine plants equipped with oxidation catalysts, proof of the continuous effective operation of the catalyst must be provided, e.g. via temperature measurement.

The following effects can be derived for CHP operators:
  1. Registration of the plant with a firing thermal capacity exceeding 1 MW (equivalent to approx. 400 kW el).
  2. Proof of permanent compliance with nitrogen oxide emissions.
  3. Proof of continuous effective operation of the exhaust gas cleaning system
  4. Stricter emission requirements for (NOx), CO, HCHO and SOx as well as new emission requirements for "total C" and NH3
  5. Maximum 400 hours of downtime for exhaust gas aftertreatment per 12 months (-> approx. 17 days)
  6. 24 h troubleshooting, after 48 hours report to the authorities
  7. The VDMA has published a Fact Sheet with a good summary: Fact Sheet VDMA - 44. BImSchV

ControlBox NOx

As an intelligent data logger, the ControlBox NOx enables the monitoring and recording of emission-relevant data in accordance with the 44th BImSchV. It is an engine manufacturer independent and self-sufficient solution for all engine types!
In addition to NOx emissions, the monitoring of differential temperature and differential pressure can additionally ensure the functionality of an oxidation
Freely definable inputs and outputs allow the NOx data logger to be integrated into the existing plant control system. Furthermore, CAN communication and an
The visualization and evaluation of the stored data is carried out via the comprehensive Terminal NOx software.


ControlBo NOxNOx Sensor  NOx Panel  PIN Belegungsplan NO<sub>x</sub> ControlBox



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Cabinet with ControlBox NOx

CPK has developed a control cabinet solution in response to many customer requests. In the compact design (30x30cm) all important components (ControlBox NOx, display & wire harness) find place. The sensor technology is safely led into the cabinet through special cable bushings.

Why choose CPK?


Nachrüstung NO<sub>x</sub> Box

Easy retrofitting

The ControlBox NOx is engine-independent and simple to retrofit.

Nachrüstung NO<sub>x</sub> Box

Simple documentation

Automatic documentation of NOx daily averages, error messages and alarms.

Nachrüstung NO<sub>x</sub> Box

Fast delivery

Order directly and receive the ControlBox NOx for installation within a few days.

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We have been developing innovative products for exhaust gas aftertreatment for over 50 years. As the market leader, we have more than 150,000 systems in use worldwide.

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